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Wanting to present an exceptional piece of writing without going through the ordeal of thinking, examining and articulating my newborn thoughts and hoping to get a viral response seems like a good deal to me. Why do I have to go through years of internal and external experiences like Orwell did before he produced two universally acclaimed masterpieces in the late years of his life? Why do I have to know about the maestros of this profession when I can use a few clichés and here a few shenanigans there? Why the years of incubation and a roller-coaster of acceptance and rejection? We all love the idea of shortcuts to glory, worldly or heavenly. Perhaps the same was the idea that motivated the assailant who shot the interior minister, Ahsan Iqbal in an attempt to murder him.

the toxic love

The 22 years old attacker, according to the initial reporting by the Daily Times, did so because he felt that the interior minister was guilty of the violation of Khatm e Nabuwat (Finality of The Prophet P.B.U.H) or at least
belonged to a clan of those who were. This might be a political maneuver, but the possibility of the former version being true is not remote. The idea of being associated with someone who has been accused of Blasphemy or something having a stench of that can get you killed in this country; at least Mashal Khan wouldn’t disagree with that, as he had already paid the ultimate price for disagreement.

the toxic love

I still remember reading stories of Ghazi Ilm Din and aspiring to be like him one day. The prize was ultimate; presumably a ticket straight to heaven and a chance for a legacy for eternity. It took me a lot of time and a lot more debate and exposure to realize what I was standing for. Before even getting into the debate of whether violence is justified on the face of religious sentimentalism, the bigger question is whether such actions are in reality what they are purported to be. Is it really the love and devotion, or the wish to get praise and commendation through a single act?

Take an example of what would it take to become a better citizen? is it serving the country and its people or is it your hatred for a hostile nation? Is it the efforts for educating your kids or is it bashing your eternal enemy on social media? Does hating India makes one a better Pakistani? While one creates real tangible results procuring positive contributions, the other approach clearly creates a lot more clamor and receives overwhelming attention. One of the actions is material while other is of symbolic manifestation. So coming back to the question of what is essential, the builder or the joker? In an ideal world, you would prefer the builder, in a real world you know the joker makes better of a show. Negative campaigning has also been proven to be far more effective in persuading the masses than showing positive input. It is quite a burden to suggest that such actions are motivated by reasons of personal and political gains, and also to claim that in reality, such actions are the result of our inherent desire to be showcased.

the toxic love

As I said before, it is difficult to be a good Pakistani by serving and contributing towards one’s country than by ranting and chanting about it.

What could have been better than to showcase the religion and its prestige by the means of our conduct?

The theatrics shown in Islamabad led the government to give in to their demands and the government became desperate to a point where it changed the name of Physics Department of Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad because it was named after a noble laureate who also happened to be an Ahmedi. Even this step couldn’t save their interior minister from what seemed to be an attempted murder motivated by religious reasons.

What we have procured during our time as a nation is an environment of toxicity and bigotry while justifying by love and dedication. We have created masses who on the one hand fear and abhor Talibanization, while manifest and propagate the same in their speech and conduct. God bless this country!

In the end, Islam, undoubtedly is the religion of peace, harmony and love and practicing our religion to its true extent is what displays the prestige taught to us.

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