Toxic Twitter: Why To Cut it off Faster Than Your Ex-Boyfriend

Twitter is like Facebook’s slutty cousin. It does everything dumb and whore-ish you’re too responsible to do. A platform which permits anyone with an internet connection the chance to be as despicable as possible, in only 140 characters; we think that’s 140 characters too many. Twitter has successfully become one of the world’s most popular yet hated social media platforms, because let’s admit it: every death threat you’ve ever received for correcting someone for being incorrect – bad move, folks – has been delivered on Twitter, and for some odd reason, the authorities never do anything to stop the abuse.

Toxic Twitter Why To Cutt it Ex-Boyfriend

Twitter Why To Cutt it off Faster Than Your Ex-Boyfriend

Twitter houses some of the most stupid, and troubled people on the internet. These same people appear to be under the impression that the network is a fitting place to vent out some of their darkest, nastiest thoughts, and even berate random strangers they come across. What they’ve forgotten is that their employers – or future employers – go through their tweets, and will sooner or later come across one questionable tweet or the other, jeopardizing their future with said employer.

Toxic Twitter Why To Cutt it off Faster Than Your Ex

Toxic Twitter Why To Cutt it off

Then, rises the issue of engaging in a debate on Twitter, or starting an argument. Have you ever heard that adage about arguing with idiots who bring you down to their level and beat you with their idiocy? Multiply that by a thousand, and throw in self-esteem issues, a deeply wounded ego, childhood trauma manifesting itself in public, lack of faith in humanity you have Twitter arguments. We’d advise you to simply let people be, regardless of how tempting it may seem at that moment: they will drag you down and bury you with their ignorance.

Toxic Twitter Why To Cutt it of

Twitter also has a bad image due to users hurling abusive text at each other. What was meant to be a network used for enriching language through the 140 character limit has simply become a place for witty quips, swear words and President Trump talking down people for insulting his intellect and decision-making skills, or lack thereof. All in all, Twitter users have a tremendous capability of offending almost everyone in a 10-mile radius. It’s a place for trolls, Y’all.

Toxic Twitter Faster Than Your Ex-Boyfriend

Toxic Twitter Cutt it off Faster Than Your Ex-Boyfriend

Twitter is boring and addictive, a terrible combination on which we waste far too much time. Besides, self-image issues coupled with anxiety about your following all leads to an unhealthy relationship with this network. Getting rid of it will work wonders for your daily routine, so cut it off faster than your ex-boyfriend.

Go cold turkey.

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