Twitter Is Not Having It! Wants Zayn Malik to Be Casted As Aladdin

When it was first announced that Aladdin was getting its own live-action remake movie, many Twitter users were nominating either themselves or other people who’d fitto play the role. But deep down all of us knew with Hollywood being Hollywood, they wouldn’t cast someone as brown.

Back then Dev Patel seemed a good candidate for the role but he wasn’t considered.

However, Disney did play their part and had a casting call for actors in their 20s who were living in India and Middle Eastern. But nothing turned up. Eventually the role landed to a Canadian actor, Mena Massoud, who is actually from Egypt. He was born in Cairo to Egyptian Coptic Christian parents and they migrated when he was young. The kid also has experience at his hands as he played in series Open Heart and Jack Ryan.

While we are happy for Mena, the Twitter fam doesn’t seem so pleased.

The British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik sung A Whole New World, alongside Zhavia Ward, for the live-action movie version of Disney Aladdin, and people went crazy.

Disney recently released a new cover version of the iconic song, performed by Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward.

The track will play at the end credits so does not feature any glimpses from the feature film either.

Apart from the song being really good, it blew up mainly because people thought that Zayn looks more like Aladdin. The chiseled jaw, the big beady brown eyes, dark, medium length hair and a thin, bone structure made him look more like Aladdin as compared to Mena himself. Apart from this, the dude has a following and has been in the industry for a long time, people all over adore him and well, he’s Aladdin lookalike??

One fan was quite confident about him being the ‘better’ Aladdin.

If you don’t see it then maybe these comparison photos will help you see it through.

While some were just happy at the prospect of him playing the song too!

The song has been sung beautifully and the Zhavia-Zayn duo sounds pretty great. But what do you think about casting him as a hero? Would he have done justice to the role? 

Though, personally I find the original version more endearing perhaps due to the nostalgic value. What are your thoughts on this as well? Let us know below!


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  1. Zayn malik is the bestest VISUAL version of ALADDIN in the whole universe. He is literally disney character !!!! :))

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