Unprotected Sex CANNOT Be the New Cool!

Yeap, surprise surprise. People are having sex and as much as you don’t want to believe it, here’s something more alarming; they are saying NO to condoms. But why? Is it the smell? The texture? The price??? Are they out of fashion? Is unprotected sex the new cool?? Is it… the new black?


So they why are people risking their future and saying no to them?

We dug up some of the most *eye-rolling* reasons why people might be saying no to it.

My partner isn’t keen on using one

Hitting hard facts, we found out that 33 percent of the people use a condom when their partner insists on using it. But 72 percent respect their partners choice of using one. It doesn’t hurt saying what you want. You want to use a condom? Say it. Your partner wants you to use a condom? Wear it. There is literally no harm in having safe, tension-free sex.

Unless you are trying to have a baby then it might be a little awkward…

Throwing them away is a hassle.

This literally had me super confused because how lazy can you be… what are you going to do with saving this one minute of your life?

60 secs > 9 months. The choice is yours!

I’m on birth control.

Although, this makes a bit of sense, HOWEVER, this is only saving yours from pregnancy. You are still very much at risk of catching STDs by the way, sooo. A baby is not the only risk so don’t let that give you a false sense of protection.

It could ruin the moment

Not using it could RUIN YOUR LIFE!

A mere thirty-second break could ensure a blissful worry-free experience. And, in case you know the less worried you are, the more pleasurable it feels. And, if your partner loses interest at that moment, you can always work your way through it again.

I am shy

This does sound absurd but it makes sense at times. Most young individuals are scared of buying it as it is an awkward process. Some think they could just pull out in time so they don’t have to go through that entire deal. However, you could use a friend or grow some balls and buy many in one go so it saves you the hassle of buying them again and again.

Most of us forget that STDs are an actual thing as well. Apart from pregnancy, you can risk getting those too. So, whatever your reasons are, none of it is worth risking your health and life for.

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