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Waiting on a Call

Patience in Excess

I think something is wrong with me.

I wait for him to call.

Sometimes hours on ends.

Like this is normal, right? You wait for people to call you when you talk to them often, right?

Basically, I recently made a new friend and I got interested in him. And by interested, I don’t mean in a sexual or lustful way but just interested in…umm… how should I explain this… I became interested in hearing him. (I guess) I became interested in the way he speaks, the way he talk because just talking to him, more so because the way he thinks, the way he puts those thoughts into speech and the way he presents it all, it’s just so… so… mesmerizing. Once looked, you could never look away. It captures you right there and then and you can’t help but feel enchanted and taken aback at the wonders that slip through those slits between his lips.

So that’s what caught me and wound so hard around me that I knew no escape and I just had to talk to him. He became my drug which sustained me to survive through anything and everything. His whispers turned my nightmares into the sweetest of dreams and his unspoken thoughts left me always hungering for more. What he spoke was my salvation and what I sought was the quench for this undying thirst to keep on conversing with him. This is what led to us calling on the phone.

At first, we only talked about the most general of things (for some reason –even though we were friends for quite a while) but as time progressed he got used to talking on the phone so much that he started reciting how he normally would and in his conversations he would say the vilest of things to the most gorgeous of things and be able to state them in such a way that I was unable to differentiate between the two. His paradoxes and philosophies were utterly brilliant and one couldn’t help but fall in love with the things he talked about.

I think something is wrong with me.

I wait for him to call.

Sometimes weeks on ends.

I understand people are busy but he should at least call me once in a while. Even my friend Bilal has bought a new phone and he uses that to call people and keep in touch while on the other hand, I may have added your phone number but to me, it seems like I am not your priority number.

I do not know which people I wish to remain in contact more, except for you… so I wait patiently and calmly for him to call me and give me a transcendental experience where I enter all chill and calculating.

I think something is wrong with me.

I wait for him to call.

Sometimes months… on end.

I wonder now… should I even wait for him to call?

Should I still keep on

Hoping that my ‘friend’ is still a ‘friend’?

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