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Is STARGAZING a wastage of time?

Night sky used to be the lullaby for kids (and grownups) in ancient times (i.e; times of our parents). They used to fall asleep while counting stars and gazing into the depths of cosmos (good ol’ times). This was before we introduced the air polluting, noise spreading, eye-blinding technology, which has drastically affected not just our health; but has stolen the little moments of serenity and pleasure, that we lack today.

Sleeping in front/backyards of homes has become cliché for us, an antique procedure carried out by villagers only, which is only to-be-observed and awed upon by the urbanites. Because we are that privileged class, who has air conditioners and have individual rooms in our homes. We don’t have to lay outside in open air, in mosquitoes, to fight heat of the summer.

Beauty we are missing out

Definitely not because we don’t have front/backyards (there is just this garage, with barely enough space for our car to be parked); also we don’t need fresh air, don’t you know the purpose of the variety of air fresheners we have stocked here?

Stargazing is a wastage of time anyway (because our camera phones are not able to capture the stars, and we can’t get as many likes on them as we want. DSLR is too expensive. #sedlyf), also it is sheer shame if we spend our precious time appreciating nature; while we could do a photoshoot of ourselves, in a brightly lit room and then try filter over filter, choose the best to upload to  feast the eyes of our audience. Afterall, our beauty is natural too, it demands to be appreciated too (even if the appreciators are doing it just as an exchange so they can repay the favor later. Such a win-win situation. I’m awed.)

technology bound

WE ARE LIVING IN A UTOPIA. Wake up, you guys. You don’t know what you are missing (HINT: you’re missing life). Self-approval and beautifying yourself and feeling important IS important, no doubt, it has its own benefits (to put it politely). But it is an illusion nevertheless. You have no idea what you are missing because you never had it. You go on expensive 3-day trips to the Fairy Meadows, just to gaze at stars. Which could have been assembled here, only if we hadn’t corrupted the environment by literally every type of pollution in existence, be it air, noise, light, organic, visual, radioactive, or any type.


They say think outside the box to be creative, while we literally live in a box. Our mobiles, laptops, rooms, these are the boundaries we are confined in. Reality check: the world does not revolve around you, astronomers established that a long time ago (though it seems like the ultra-religious, self-righteous, considering-themselves-center-of-everything genes are dominating the rational genes again.)

In the end, alas, everything still comes down to you (it’s a democratic era after all), you are free to choose whatever you want. One can only do so much as put their opinion out in the open. The decision-making is your part, either you want your serenity back or the latest model car on the market.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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