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Warmongering Protest Opposing The Screening Of Teefa In Trouble, Now Live in BNU!

BNU Makes Headlines Again, No Shit!

BNU’s 3rd Annual Film Festival Is Screening Teefa In Trouble.

We have zero tolerance for an alleged harasser, especially for the kind that looks guilty because of their shameless and very lame remarks, insensitive behavior and a long trail of victims they left behind thinking stories will not resurface. But, is there more to it?

We get it. Kevin Spacey’s case resulted in House of Cards being canceled, after a long run! It could have been pressed but no, the cause won over the arrogance and pride of the makers of the show. Also, if it were not canceled, fans would have caused massive damage to the name of the show, the production house, and the show was too dragged anyway with another one in the pipeline ready to take its place.

My Marxist-Feminist lecturer loved saying that ‘Capitalism is a messed up system, but it can be a highly flexible one.’ The stands that institutions take against sexual harassment are at the epicenter of this statement. If it brings good PR, it is doable. Teefa can be banned, hated, boycotted, but is viewing a movie what supporting harassment entails? Or let’s see, does watching a movie warrant being called a supporter of sexual violence?


The university already took penal actions to cleanse the student-teacher community off of any gendered violence, oppression, and discrimination, including those (especially those, DUH) of sexual nature. I SPEAK OUT OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

But, speaking out is hard, and it was hard for Meesha Shafi, knowing our nuanced culture and how that could sabotage her career, but she did. Now out of that respect, we bow and kneel, and we say hey, let’s not watch Ali Zafar’s movie, which essentially is not his project. It employed more than 300 people from our very weak and feeble film industry, but, sure, the cause of sexual protection from harassment and liberation wins over their credit and hard work, sure. Let’s take that bold step towards awareness and saying a big fat no to Harassment. LET’S DO THIS!

Mullahs Throw Ink At Outdoor Advertisements and Billboards Featuring Women, Female Bodies, Female Faces; Excited feminists tear posters of Harassers. Awareness or insult to the banner of feminism?

One of the protesters, who was among the first few to tear the Teefa In Trouble poster down posted this as an appeal to join forces to fight for awareness.

But, darling your rage is not channeled for effective results that uplift the feminism powerhouse if you are imposing and ridiculing people for their views, that essentially they can not be blamed for.

Yes, we do read a ton of disgusting smear jokes and insensitive comments on Meesha, and the other victims. But, hey, all the Theatre Film & Television students are asking for is for you to separate the art from the artist because our industry is weak, it is an infant that needs support, that needs better rules and protection from harassment, yes, SURE, DUH! But, it also needs us to know that the SUM IS LARGER THAN ITS PARTS. 

You don’t become a harasser by the mere act of watching movies unless the movie glorifies the horrid notion of harassment. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF SUPPORTING A SEXUAL PREDATOR??

Anything intolerant, or violent is a matter that requires great intervention, but how is that a literate and enlightened person’s intervention is for the greater good of humanity and the negligent, poorly schooled or less woke person’s rage that wants to make their own choice to appreciate some craft for what it is essentially, a craft, is so sick?


If you know better then preach, don’t juxtapose and convert men who grew up in patriarchy with less insight of feminism into radically uptight nasty anti-feminist bodies of mass, they don’t have the luxury of thinking like you do. Doesn’t freedom of expression also extend to those who may want to make different choices based on different values than yours?

Anyway, there is a protest on Campus @2 today, people who wish to participate may join. Try not to impose your ideas on others, they are your thought process and you may be entitled to them, but others aren’t entitled to sharing them.

The liberal arts university is a hub for fuelling the minds of those who wish to transform society. This includes people like Sanam Saeed, Muhammad Ali, Noori’s band manager, and PR head – Alina Naghman, the founder of Videographers – Zohaeib AKA Zoe, the co-founder of ArfaUsmanWeddings – Usman, Eman Suleman, Abeera Tanveer, InstaFamous Graphic Artist – Baemisaal, Zara Peerzada and the list goes on.

You see one of the Beaconite’s around, you can tell there is something rebel about their aura, something sets them out in a different light, the kind that helps others illuminate their minds as well.

BNU’s Problematic Protest Opposing Teefa In Trouble, Is The Epitome of Our Cultural Identity Crises.

We have zero tolerance for an alleged harasser, especially for the kind that looks guilty because of their shameless and very lame remarks, insensitive behavior and a long trail of victims they left behind thinking stories will not resurface. But, is there more to it?

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