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We Are Sad About Iman Ali, Our Condolences To Her Slip Of Mind!

This was the week of the #TeamMeesha win. It was a week of the astounding strengthening of the firepower as well as behavioral nudges from the band The Sketches, the director we are now loving Jami, Generation a brand, Saima Bagfrede, and Meesha Shafi herself. It was all going well with the oohs and ahhs surrounding our press rooms, until we saw what Iman Ali had to say.

Via Iman Aly
via Iman Aly

This time, Iman Ali broke our heart, and we have more shits to give about that than anything else happening in the nation. Because damn, this is not what a woman of her esteemed stature oughta do. Let’s look into the finer detail to gauge whether this was an honest mistake, a slip of the mind or a shameless stance.

via Meesha Shafi Instagram
via Meesha Shafi Instagram

We love women who understand that other women are not your enemy. The presence of another woman’s beauty does not mean the absence of your own. We love when women understand that they are better together. No, this is not a Luxe advertisement with Rema and Maya, everybody is strongly knit and best friends when staged, but who is what in reality, can we tell that?

To Iman Ali’s self-absorbed rant, Meesha, and Eman, both replied but she removed their comments. Then, the girls took it to their social media and that really shows that haters gonna hate, but the spread of truth and the pursuit of truth knows no bounds, keep up the energy girls!

Via Meesha Shafi Twitter
Via Meesha Shafi Twitter

Both of you are real-life stars! We love us a rebel who wants to challenge the status quo because it is simply not just good enough for her! Because mediocrity is just not her cup of tea, who can not and will not lower her standards, in terms of her principles and opinions! Kudos to you both!

Via Eman Suleman
Via Eman Suleman

The #Metoo feud has gotten a great traction from our masses, creating a few conversions of women who knew not much before, to outright feminists, to men who have realized that things like floating in DM’s unnecessarily and uninvited, singing ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh Jana Sanam’ to women passing by at the road with their shades down and chasing people with their dick-pics and sometimes well, dicks in their hands is not appropriate, rather falls into the broad term of harassment.

It is sad that the most places that you would read about this news it would fall under the ‘entertainment’, ‘gossip’, or ‘entertainment news’ category, this includes big names like the express tribune, Pakistan Today and Daily Times. This goes on to show that our mindset as a nation is at a halt and it won’t grow because our discourse is very limiting and we fail to see things in their true illuminating essence. But for Iman Ali to shameless comment and screen, Meesha and Eman’s comments is a clearly irresponsible act and that just makes us sad to the dept of our cores.

It is one thing to see people be ignorant when they don’t know what is what. You can not really complain about someone’s ignorant rants when you are well aware that their education, exposure, and thought process is completely different than yours. When you and I can see that the ground is unequal, the mental cognitive ability is different then it is really unfair to scream fancy woke things at them, but when they ought to know better given their education, esteem, and exposure, things are really different!

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