What a Fight is like


Today, I’ll be discussing fighting. Real, down to business, no referees, no arena, no planning: hardcore fighting. I am not discussing: karate competitions, MMA, boxing, sparing, play fighting, WWE, or uncovered knuckle boxing.

Now that that is out of the way, here is how a usual average fight plays out.

So you’re chilling. No stresses. At that point something happens. It may be somebody who pushed into you, it may be somebody getting noisy with one of your friends, and it may be a hit to the back of the head. Whatever it is, you weigh up your alternatives. Would I be able to talk out of this? Would I be able to leave? Would I be able to run? All of this: in almost no time.

The fight initiates when the appropriate response is no, no, and No. Whatever the circumstance is, you conclude and reason the best and just method for settling it ends in blood. Congrats, you just started a fight.

Now if you are me, there’s one thing for sure, encircling your mind: ‘How might I cause this individual or gathering of individuals as much harm and agony as one possibly can?’ Now. At this moment. Everything else:  your family, your work, your companions, your life, they all don’t exist anymore. The entire world comprises of you, your opponent(s), and the fight you are about to get into.

So, what are you feeling?

Well, fear, to a great extent. You realize this could end in behind bars, hospital bed, or an early grave for you and the other person. Any individual who says they aren’t terrified in such a circumstance like this is either lying or they have some significant issues.

Hate, too. You dehumanize the other person; if you view him as anything more than a bag of blood that necessities annihilating at that point you’ve traveled down a deep, dark hole, where you can be damn certain you aren’t getting any mercy.

The adrenaline hits you, and it’s such a surge. You feel greater than ever, and yet more uncovered.

Now it comes to actually exchanging blows. By this point pain doesn’t even hurt in the same way, it comes as a cold sensation, neither pleasant or unpleasant, it just registers. Or not, sometimes you don’t even know where you’ve been hit until after.

Additionally any fantasies you may have about all of a sudden becoming Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris can be immediately disposed of.

.You don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to your training. If you’ve never learned how to fight, and you’ve never been in a fight before you’d better hope that help is coming because you’re going to be swinging for your life and you will have zero co-ordination.

That is the reason individuals like me are dangerous to battle. Since when I’m fighting you, you would do well to trust I recognize what I’m doing and trust I’m willing to go as far as needed.

A while later. Mate a short time later you’ll feel like pounded poop, 100% guaranteed. You’ll be convulsing with the delayed consequences of the adrenaline. Your brain will go ten to the dozen about whether you’re going to jail, regardless of whether you slaughtered the person, whether you will be chased down and executed, how much harm happened, and a million other not nice things.

And after that, the agony comes. It doesn’t hit all of you on the double, yet rather it blurs in until the point that you can scarcely move. Also, the following day, it’s surprisingly more terrible.

And after that, you recollect what you did. What you chose to do to someone else. The blood over your hands, the contemplations of ‘how can I cause this guy harm’, perhaps the sound of bones breaking. And you need to reconcile all of this with the basic human belief that you’re a good person. Good luck with that.

What’s more, individuals ask why I abhor fighting. It ain’t huge, and it ain’t cunning. In the event that you have some other alternative, take it. Fighting is for when your issues aren’t going to leave by any better method and trust me on this, there are always better methods.

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  1. I feel you brother. Good article. Violence should always be the last resort. I always try to remember that great line by uncle Ben in Spiderman i.e. with great power comes great responsibility.

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