What Do We Can We Do About Our Own Socio-Economic Class?

Pakistan has widely relied on its natural resources to support its economy and produce incomes, the great divide between economic strata has existed widely due to the unfair and historic division of land and resources. The economy has over the years shifted to more industrial orientation, employing more people, producing more products and resulting in a better GDP rate and standard of living.

But, the effect on the society has not shifted to anything crazy extraordinary or dramatic, it has been the same for the masses. People get an education but it is still hard to find employment, because of the red taping in their industries, people acquire skills but it is hard for them to market themselves and all of this crumbles under the weight of growing social expectations and increasing costs of living everywhere.

While this is a global phenomenon, we should take a moment to gauge our response not just as a community, but as individuals. Are we doing what is necessary to improve our lives? Or is there anything else that is left to be done.

In the world powered by social media and globalization, it is not hard to compare ourselves to our global counterparts, while it is up to us what side of the east, west, modern, conservative, pro-choice, pro-life narrative we are, a lot is determined by what we see online.

But, we are lost and delusional.

My friends from other nations graduate from school and everything they do is on them, over here, until I graduate from post-grad, get married the responsibility still lies on my family. If it is a boy’s case, he can ALWAYS resort back to the parents, inheritance and keep falling back without being questioned.

This creates many problems for the child of today, living a dual life, watching hustle porn telling him to work hard, and being constantly shmoozed by their family and coddled away from the struggles of the real world.

With access to everything like recipes for crime and beauty diys, on tips on how to live lavishly to living minimally, we are sitting at our homes watching the Kardashians live and scrolling our TL’s nonstop. It is hard to let the comfort and warmth of the womb go. Where you were blind and you did not know what pain was because you were being supplied all of your love, food, and energy on time, it remains like that in Pakistan despite some hard parents who scold you for the missing 2% in the 98% of grades, and the use the term ‘naalaik’, useless or something similar.

All of this can stop you from becoming the person you are meant to be, but if it were easy, the world would be a very happy place, which unless you make it, is not. So the next time you want to procrastinate, try to switch to something more productive and maybe your lazy ass will get some work done that day. (preaching to myself, no offense, unless you want to take it.)

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