When humans become extinct – and they must

Humans are probably the only species the world could do without, the species that isn’t content to suffer on its own; we have caused insurmountable pain to our co-inhabitants, even going so far as to deem the destruction of nature a necessary evil. It’s no longer a question of why nobody likes us, but why do some of us still like ourselves.

Nobody Likes Us

What will come of this resilience to survive, this burning need to prolong life until life itself has given up on us? Nothing. We’re always at war for land, power and ironically, peace but what eventually will happen when the fire dies out and only ashes are left? Can the human race prevent the apocalypse it is about to bring upon itself? Maybe, our current civilization needs to be razed to the ground to allow the rise of a better evolved species. One that does not seek to dominate above all else but can peacefully co-exist with what else is left in the world at that point.

Nobody Lik Us

Have we become so comfortable in our corruption and exploitation of the world’s resources that we refuse to admit their rapid decline? When humans become extinct – and they must – just like the other species that no longer inhabit the planet because of the threat we pose to their existence, will there be anything left at all? All we know is that the rest of the planet will rejoice when this self-destructive society finally eliminates itself.

Nobody Likess Us

It is high time we stop procreating, and cease to exist. A species driven to extinction because of its own interference in the principles of nature. Nature is unforgiving, and we too shall face the wrath of its retribution. We, who have turned our backs on Mother Nature, cut down its beauty to serve our own selfish purposes, killed in vain for trophies, and poisoned the seas with our toxic waste.

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