Where are the Women in PSL?

Hey There PSL, Where are the ladies at?

Pakistan is wrapped around the hotness of the long-legged, exotic and local blended beauty that Twenty-20 cricket is and it does not seem to cool down anytime soon. PSL officially began on Valentine’s day this year, 4 days later Sana Mir calls for a women’s PSL and well, she got her due share of heartbreak on a wishful thought like that. Who would watch that, right? Ouch, that hurt us all feminazi’s.

Women in history have only been used as for their ornamental value, to make the visuals look better, to make the stadium heat hotter through flashy cheerleader costumes and pigtails. Although in our case, we were denied that too.

A proposal to have female cheerleaders during the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and home matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was made but not held due to various reasons. If Muslim countries can have burkinis, to replace bikinis, then how about non-sexual cheerleaders too?

It is not just the cheerleading front that’s missing women in our beloved PSL that made the Indian attack attempt look feeble and irrelevant, we are also missing female faces in the News and print reporting, it looks like no women are attending our PSL dearest, and that is some lie!

Yes, we get it, men love to party! They love sports and sports love men! But, is PSL a male dominant public sphere? HELL NO. But, damn, the male privileged nerve of reporters. Misogyny unmatched.

There is no discrimination in watching sports or selling tickets. But, television, print, radio and our freaking favorite, mother internet, focus on the male audiences. Are men the only ones who got the dough? No, absolutely no.

And yet, most bleachers have more women than men, obviously because the only sane and safe option for a female to attend a man-heavy public event where people sometimes may or may not be slightly (very) tipsy is in the family wing and only with the best tickets in the house, that comes with a bigger and bolder price tag, but every once a year, it is justified to spend a little something on yourself, or on your girlfriend, mother, wife, sister or ahem, anyone, hence the majority of women that will surround you if you by any chance found yourself in the best seats.

Cricket has never been a male sport, the viewership in England, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Newzealand and our long-lost friends Bangladesh have comprised of both men and women both. Families, kids and single people alike. And of course had the demand for the women’s cricket world cup or any sport for that matter been any bigger, in terms of business, the discrimination in terms of players wouldn’t have existed either. That’s understandable in the capitalist dumb broke human society.

But, it is hilarious that nobody is talking about the ladies leaving their domestic, work and personal affairs to get their share of live cricket, or even cinema cricket. Women are arguing that PSL could be that best date idea and yet no man is taking notes.

And, well others be like:


Traditional media and male-centric reporters can only talk about things that concern the male taste and intrigue. Surprisingly, women, in this case, have not been one of those things!

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