Who Am I?

Scientists, philosophers, psychologists, academics, artists, theologians and politicians have been perplexed by simple question about themselves failing to have one answer for the matter requiring a systematic, universally applicable formula. The subject of identity has hypothesis that vary in concept and consistency. While these theories may differ on their grounds to make sense of your sense of self, there have been answers that do contribute to help you have a better understanding your self.  An example is the single framework known as the  “VITALS” can help you to get to know yourself better, helping you delve deeper into the psychology of you, helping you dissect and explore different segments of your mind, helping you make a better sense of yourself.


Known as your Values, Interests, Temperament, Around-the-Clock, Life Mission and Goals, and Strengths/Skills can help you have a better idea of who you are, what you’re best at and what purpose you should pursue in life.

V = Values

These are the basic motivators or principles that give you the basic clarity over your decision making skill. These standards of behavior can vary from person to person such as “helping others,” “being creative,” “health,” “financial security,” and so on—are guides to decision-making and motivators for goals. Research shows that just thinking or writing about your values can make it more likely that you take healthy actions, for example.

I = Interests

What do you pay attention to? What are you curious about?  What concerns you? The ideas that inspire concern, attention, and curiosity within you are your interests. For example, are you bewildered by the beauty with which the ballerina sways her foot to and fro while the other foot carries her entire weight on her toes? Do you want to know how Heath Ledger did some sinister yet majestic justice to the ever so challenging “Joker” role in of the history of Hollywood? Do you want to suddenly stop to look at the oratory skills of a politician, perplexed on how the man is able to gather a huge public support with just personality dynamics and eloquent words? If so, belle, acting or politics could be a potential interest to you

T = Temperament

This includes your inherent qualities of mind and character. Are you an introvert? Are you an extrovert? Do you make decisions based on intuition or would you rather do it after critically analyzing the factors present in and factual aspects of a given stimuli before making a decision? Do you just resort to being a hot head? Or are you passive aggressive? The answers to question that describe your inborn preferences and can help you gravitate to situations where your temperamental traits are most fitting.

A = Around-the-Clock

How are you around the clock? Do you wake up early morning to enjoy the birds singing? Or would you rather be the night owl that you are? One person’s biorhythms can differ from the other and therefore, also the peak of their performance’s efficiency. Finding out how you’re around the clock can help you have a clearer sense of decision making pertaining to careers, life partners and jobs.

L = Life Mission and Goals

The purpose of life is essential in making sense of who you are because that defines your purpose in life. Some people are deeply disturbed by the levels of poverty, loopholes in judicial process and legislature, pathetic movies that promote rape culture and gun violence and they may become aspire to become a philanthropist, a lawyer or a film maker in future. Life mission and goals define for you the change you want to make in life not just for yourself but for others as well.

S = Strengths/Skills

This is the inborn aptitude we have for certain activities that goes to show our natural tendencies which do not require for us to put a lot of effort into. These include not only abilities, skills, and talents, but also character strengths such as loyalty, respect for others, love of learning, emotional intelligence, fairness, and more. You can discover what you’re best at by observing which activities you best excel at without sufficient effort in comparison to others. Knowing your strengths and investing them in the right place can give you self confidence that can take you a long way while also helping you get a better sense of who you are.

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