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Who are we? The Youth of Pakistan With Every Solution But …

We all know who we are, right? We are identified by the names given to us by our parents, in which we hadn’t had a say, whatsoever; we are Pakistanis by our nationality; Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun or Pathan, depending upon the region we live in; we are elite, middle or poor according to our financial and social status; we are beautiful or ugly, depending on our skin tone, and such characters which define us. In short, we know exactly who we are! What kind of silly question is that?

Before you start lashing out at me, with statements like; “That’s not funny” or “Don’t try to be cool, you’re so not”, just here me out.

confused pakistanis

The youth identify themselves with a number of things. They just cannot be confined to a particular group or category. They have to be what their horoscope tells them to be (because they can’t help it, it’s in their stars), they are radical feminists (even if their attitude and way of living clearly depict otherwise), they are nationalists (Bro, do you even know what that word means?), they are intellectuals (generally referred to as: keyboard jihadis), best advisers (you need any kind of advice, SERIOUSLY ANY KIND, you can approach them, they live to serve), also, they are emotionally broke, and are a nervous wreck, they are socially bullied (even the bullies are bullied), and seriously, the list goes on and on.

are you sure

Add this all to the so very relatable things in first paragraph, and you’ll get a bouquet of a variety of unique individuals living under the notion that they are somehow gifted with every human characteristic.

We are facing severe identity crisis. We want to be unique by being everything we see around us (that is not the how one defines uniqueness.). We so desperately want to be accepted by the society, which includes the previous generation and our generation, and we want to overpower the future generations so bad, that we have forgotten who we really are; that each one of us could be someone having a one unique talent and achieve its apex, be a master of that art; but that doesn’t go with our notion of being superior and unique.

Pakistani youth

We are confused. It is great to be confused about something, up till you get the complexity is cleared or you know that you will get out of the perplexing situation sooner or later. Alas, the present situation seem unsolvable, because it’s subtle (hard to understand), and what is even harder, is to sketch out a plan to work this out and actually apply it to the scenario.

The problem is diagnosed, by some at least, its treatment is still under process. We need to clear our heads, sit down and think about WHO WE REALLY WANT TO BE. Because, only then, in the end, when we will get all aged and weak, we will look back upon what we did and be at peace with life we had spent. Discover who you are, or invent yourself, if you have to; because there will be no one in the end but you for yourself.

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