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Who should we look up to for explaining women assault?

Harassment, sexual assault, murder, honor killing and acid attacks, these behaviors are spreading like deadly virus victimizing women not only in Pakistan but around the World. The News is regularly published on one of such incidents. Pakistan where the fateful women of under-developed areas are already defenseless, the recent allegations on Ali Zafar by Meesha Shafi have put off the alarms loud.

The usual debate supporting each artist on twitter started after Ali Zafar denied the accusation and claimed that he would take the case to the court and settle it there legally and now Meesha Shafi has officially announced to move to Canada with family.

Some of them support Ali Zafar on behalf on his image.
Many have started to dig up his old tweets.
Few could be just pointing out at the profession
And some just have habit of being humorous at inappropriate time.

This matter like others will lose heat in a while as well but the root cause will stay and it will keep on happening. So, basically what factors should be taken under concentration to eliminate these actions at some extend.

Should the matter be looked into from sociological perspective (August Comte is known as the father of sociology). Countless study and articles have been published through WHO and other respected organizations that held the family (custom and roles of men) and political (law) institutions responsible or Should we have a look at psycho-sexual stages by Sigmund Freud (known as father of psychology) , the fixation at a specific stage could lead to controlling or disturbing sexual behavior. Although his theories were criticized (his era was somewhat misogynist) and modified but it still puts a base.

Women have started to break silence over their stories regardless of their success or status in life but would it stop the behavior. How experts would put light on this situation.

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