Why Dating Someone Rich When You’re Broke Is A Horrible Idea

Dating someone rich when you're broke seems like a go-to fantasy but it can be a slippery slope.

When you’re not rich and have few chances of making your life better, we often shoot our shot by dating someone who is rich. It seems easy and quite frankly doesn’t look too disadvantageous.

As I am growing older I have realized how my tastes have developed over time. They have become… richer. And, I don’t always have enough money to support my fancy lifestyle. So it makes sense to find a rich lad to pay my bills, right? To absorb their money and have THEM worry about my financial stress, right? WRONG. Though more often than not, my pride doesn’t allow me to have someone else take care of my bills but I have had a fair share of dating rich guys who later became a nightmare.

Unpopular opinion: Rich people are stingy

Quite contradictory as most of you would assume but it’s true. I have had rich friends keep a track of the money they are lending and even ask for it back. Cautiously calculate the money at every hangout so they don’t have to pay more or less, or god forbid they do, they will mention it aloud once at least.

But what is that makes them such horrible, stingy people? While talking to people about it they suggested that it could stem from a fear of being taken advantage of. If you’re rich there are more chance people want to be around you for all the bling and to avoid that they perhaps turn into stingy assholes?

Or is it because they think whatever wealth they own is something they deserve and that hoarding personality is what makes them this? Whatever reason might be, they are still stingy.

Sometimes things aren’t really for FREE

Being with someone who has the financial upper hand greatly influences the power dynamics of a relationship. If the financial gap is large enough then it could sometimes become dangerous as well.

When you are paying for someone, most of the time, there is this sense of entitlement that comes with it. If you are a sensible person then you wouldn’t act on it but some people do. It gets worse if it is a male.

I have had many of my female friends tell me that they were forced into doing things they didn’t want to do just because their partner was paying for them. And, when some of them refused, their partners were quick to bring up all the things they do which mostly comprised of gifts and money. Then the guilt-tripping would follow suit.

It can make you envious

When you see your partner not worrying about where the money would come from or fretting over all any of their spendings, it can make you feel a bit resentful. At first, it starts out with you just wishing to have their life and then it grows into annoyance. In addition, if you are someone like me who simply can’t allow anyone else to pay for you then you’ll see yourself canceling plans as well. This can add to the bitterness you have towards them.

Rich people are downright annoying

Yeap, there, I said it. When you couple with someone who is from a different class than you, then your tastes won’t align much as well. Rich people can be annoying with their “rich tastes” and a stroll in the park with roadside chaat won’t tingle their taste buds or qualify as a cute date.

Another way they tend to be annoying is them getting pushy when it comes to paying bills. Just because they can, they will start a ruckus to remind you of their privilege at every hangout and not let you pay even when you can!

So even though dating someone rich seems like a great idea, sometimes it truly isn’t.

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