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Why Is TV Censored?

Television is one of the most watched things. Everyone watches television. Adults watch it at most times while children watch it sometimes. Since it is watched by both children and adults all the content should be suitable. What people watch on t.v. are violence, offensive language, and bad things overall. Censorship should be a very important part of t.v. It would limit the things that are allowed to be shown and said. Children learn everything they hear and watch. Adults get some ideas from T.V. that are bad most of the times. Television has a great deal of effect on all of society, for this reason, it should be censored to the fullest.

Censoring television is very important. It is a topic which is sometimes overlooked. Little kids pick up everything they watch and listen. Television affects children in a negative way. They are listening to profanity and watching violent things. It should be censored to the fullest. Everything should have a rating in which it says whether it is suitable for children or not. All the bad things should be played late at night. These children are the future of the world. What are we teaching them? Censorship on movies and television should be used in the fullest way possible. It should not allow some of the things that it does allow.

Part of the problem of crime is related to T.V. Most of the stuff on is about killing, stealing and all sorts of bad things. These movies give people ideas. If someone is watching a certain person that they like or something they did they might end up doing it. I read a piece by Mark Gerzon in which he wrote something interesting. He was talking about a man who shot and almost killed president Regan. The asked him why he did it and the answer relates to my idea. He said he wanted to impress actress Jody Foster. He saw her in a violent film called The Taxi Driver. This shows how some people are affected by some things.

T.V. is like a brain for some, and it generates ideas for them.

These ideas should be censored so this doesn’t happen. Movies with extremely violent and mild content should be rated so that the viewers know what they are about to watch.

Television is a form of entertainment and relaxation. It should be censored for several reasons. Some people say that it should not be censored. People say that it really doesn’t matter because it all fake.

Regardless whether it is fake or not it still generates bad ideas. Just because its fake on television doesn’t mean that it can’t be done in the real world. There is nothing fake about offending people.

Other things people say is you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. It’s kind of hard to tell a little kid not to watch T.V. Everyone watches T.V. it is just something that everyone does. There is some censorship on television but not enough. I know that freedom of speech is in the Bill of Rights, but some stuff shouldn’t be allowed.

Television is important in everyone’s life. It is a way of life. Children are watching and listening. They learn everything they watch and listen too on T.V. Most of these things are bad in a way. Adults also pick up certain ideas that are violent. Some of the crimes and mischief that are happening can be blamed on television. Some of the words on T.V. are offensive and could really hurt people. Fights are usually generated by these words. Words have a great deal of power. The censoring of television should be a bigger priority than it is. Everything should have ratings. The words that offend people shouldn’t be allowed. Television consumes a majority of humans time every day. This is a good reason to censor it to the fullest.

Censorship is the correct thing to do. I totally agree with it and hope to see it done!

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