Why is Waking up so Difficult?

Why is it that we need an alarm’s “beep beep” or our mother’s screams that wake us up every morning? Why can’t we get up or our own, and even if the said factors wake us up, we feel tired and sleepy?

Science tells us that everything like to remain in the state in which it initially is. Everything struggles to maintain its phase. Newton’s first law of motion:

A body would remain in its initial state, unless an external force is acted upon it.

That is one of the reasons why we find it difficult to wake up in the morning.

Another scientific explanation is that our brain and body just loves sync and predictability, it generates a pattern of sleep based on your recent sleep rhythms, and when you try to cut it short, it backfires. Making you feel more sleep deprived, groggy and tired.

So all you have to do in order to maintain a healthy sleep cycle is get a specific amount of sleep at specific time, no more, no less. But you will ave to work hard on adjusting that rhythm, for you have to give the body and brain sometime to register the change and adapt to it.

This entire phenomenon can be used as an analogy for our “khawab e ghaflat”, we have become so used to of sleeping for decades and centuries that it is really hard for our nation to wake up prior to the end of cycle. Yes we can change that by applying the force in positive direction, rather than enhancing our sleep, we can use it to end it.

Some of us have tried to do so, and we can see the results in the form of the rise of feminism and acceptance of the third gender in some parts of our society. But we need to make more effort, and collective effort, if we want to not appear sleepy or drowsy. We have to fully wake up and be functional.

Only then, will we be able to stand among the developing nations and get what we truly deserve. Additionally, next time, when we get into some crisis, we would not take this long to wake up, but our rhythm would be adapted to the fight and flight mode, and we would be able to handle the situation nicely and precisely.

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