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Why Mondays SUCK

When it comes to Mondays, it does not matter whether what you’ve planned is exciting or not, it’s going to suck regardless!

Here are 10 Reasons Why — Monday sucks!

After a blissful two-day break you’re rudely awoken by you alarm clock
Your body, by the end of the weekend, has gone into rest mode, which means none of your muscles are really ready to move. When that alarm goes off 6 AM Monday for either school or office, the first thing your brain thinks of is ‘oh how much movement I’ll have to make!’ That’s also another reason why people prefer taking a day off on Monday, it just doesn’t feel like the first day when it’s Tuesday. Sketchy.

It’s back to the reality of responsibilities and rude people
You’re really not ready to face all those snakes so it’s completely understandable!

There’s not enough coffee in the world to deal with that Monday Pressure
Everything is going wrong, your mood is the epitome of bitterness and every ounce of coffee feels like only silver lining of your day. It’s a mystery, really; what a day can do to you.

You have to deal with everything you put off over the weekend
This is probably the worst part of Monday (if we really had to choose). You remember all the deadlines you were ignoring? All the times you procrastinated but kept the actual work for ‘later’? That later is Monday — as much you don’t want it to be.

The next weekend is five long days away
It’s human psyche — we can’t wait for the things we like and it’s nature — bad days last longer. It’s something like that with weekends as well, they take forever to arrive! And as Monday marks what feels like a year long gap between the weekends, it’s basically the villain of our story.

There is never any reason to celebrate on a Monday
There’s no reason to celebrate, period.


Even when all the people around you are in a bad mood, you just want to tell them like it is
…and this might get you into trouble! I mean everyone is pretty much PMS-ing and one cranky person should not meet another. Mondays are horrible for everyone, so one person manages to sets down someone else possibly even more than they already were? oh everyone is going down with them.

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