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Here’s why you need a PEN PAL

Do you ever get bored of speaking to the same people all the time? It’s great when you go on holiday and you get to talk with people from a completely different culture. It’s a lot of fun and you can learn so much. Then you come home and it’s back to everyone you know. They are probably interesting people, but the stories just aren’t the same. An amazing thing you could do is get yourself a pen pal. It’s not just something the kids do in school. There’s plenty of places online you can now find one.

You can write back and forth to each other and learn some things about where they’re from. I’m sure they will turn into a pretty good friend. But it’s not all about sending letters or writing emails. It will be in the beginning, but not once you build a proper friendship. There’s plenty of strange things that can happen. Benefits you will get out of it you would never have imagined. If you’re prepared to gain a new friend from a completely different country, we can look at some weird and wonderful benefits you’ll receive.

You never know who your pen pal will know, or even if they have their own business. If you have dreams of traveling abroad to find work it could be a lot easier if you have a very good friend who already lives in that country. Their father could be the manager of a hotel that employs some foreign staff. Who do you think would be at the head of the queue if their daughter already knew someone who was qualified? Even if your pen pal doesn’t know anyone they could still help you find a job if you were to go there looking for work. Just make sure you find a pen pal from a tropical country and you’re set.

Everyone is always looking for exciting places to go on holiday. After you’ve been speaking with someone for ages and know everything about where they live, you could decide to go visit them. It’s a lot better going to a strange new country when you already know someone who lives there. They could show you around all the great places you definitely wouldn’t find in a guidebook. You would eat at all the best restaurants and save money on everything you buy. You could even invite them across to your country and get the chance to be a tour guide.

Trying to learn a language from a book can be pretty tough. It’s not impossible, but definitely not the easiest way to do it. The easiest way to speak a foreign language is by talking to someone who speaks that language. Once you are friends with your pen pal you could meet up on Skype and you now have your own free language teacher. That would cost a lot of money if you were to pay for lessons from some company. Of course, it’s not nice to just take, so you could also help them improve their English. You’d get the chance to be a teacher and it might give you an idea about switching careers.

You could find love

Once you have been speaking to your pen pal it’s possible you could develop feelings for each other. It’s a little like internet dating except you both go into it with the expectation you will only be friends. But you never know what can happen. Even if you don’t fall for each other, your pen pal will know everything about you. They might be able to set you up with someone they know and think is perfect for you.

All you need to do is visit them so you can meet the person. It will be like a holiday and blind date rolled into one.

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