Yes! Your Opinions About My Makeup Are Annoying

If you could just, I don't know, keep a lid on them?

Yes, you don’t get to mask your opinion as an innocent, concerned opinion!

This author has quite a few lessons she would dearly love to teach other people who just can’t resist airing their opinions, for all and sundry to hear, simply because they believe we love nothing more than their absolutely valuable opinion. Well, who could have guessed?

We really don’t.

The problem isn’t very complicated if you ask this author, your opinions about anyone’s makeup are your opinions. Believe me, no one is dying to hear what you think of the way they choose to put it on their face, or whether they put it or not – unless what you have to say is kind. If it’s your brand of brutal honesty, we’ll pass. Nothing worse than someone who masks their concern as brutality and then proceeds to walk all over your heart and then chastise you for having the nerve to be offended, simply because they have already given you a warning that it is going to be brutal.

No one wants you to give them a lecture about how you think a darker shade of lipstick would look awful on them, how you would never wear a highlighter as blinding as their, how cakey they look with all that makeup on their face, how you wish they wouldn’t hide their natural beauty behind layers of makeup. It must be a funny concept but here’s a thought: some people like it. See? They do it out of love for their beauty. They don’t do it for your validation, they just want to shine. Do us all a favor and stop going on and on about your obsession with natural beauty.

On that note, don’t tell people how good they would look with makeup on their face; some of us can’t afford it and frankly, don’t have the skill to do it ourselves. We know we would look awesome if we learned the skill but that doesn’t mean you get to put us down simply because you, yourself are an artisan. Telling someone they need a makeover is like affirming their fears that what they are in the moment is not good enough for you. Why we care about such opinions is a mystery but we do, so save us the preaching.

You can’t decide what looks good on someone and you can’t tell them to adhere to your notions of beauty; don’t ask people to stop wearing makeup, to not put on that shade of lipstick, to put on makeup to look beautiful or even to just hint that what they are isn’t good enough, makeup or otherwise. If you’re thinking geez, can I even say anything to people anymore without them getting offended, yes you absolutely can but since this author thinks you’re not capable of that it’s honestly better if you don’t speak at all?

Remember, kids! Your opinions are your thoughts and sometimes people don’t want to hear what you think of their looks. If you’re still confused and just can’t keep quiet, use the ten-second rule; if it can’t be fixed in ten seconds, don’t point it out.

And if you can’t resist, keep some duct tape handy. You’ll find that one piece of tape over mouth does wonders for both you and the person you were unintentionally about to hurt.

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