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You Can’t Blame Technology For The Wrongs In Society: Here’s Why!

Can technology really be blamed for all the evils in society?

You see, parents all over the world think everything wrong in today’s time is because everyone has a phone in their hand. A whole, new world in their palms. Which is why they see no need to interact with other people; a little one-to-one conversation with your loved ones, the innocence of family time, no pressure to look good for cameras looming over your head 24/7, just hugging blankets and listening to everyone talk and laugh. Long gone.

Well, I suppose this is all well and good; using deceptive imagery to fool us into thinking that we have somehow missed the best time of our lives, even before being born, that somehow just because we’re connected to the world over the internet, we have lost something beautiful, that we have somehow become lonely just because we’ve been handed this luxury. If you’ve got your phone in hand when your parents are just about to chastise you for some mistake you made, be secure in the knowledge that your phone will be dragged through the mud right along with you.

They blame the advent of phones, laptops, tablets and the internet for increasing the distance between families, for distancing them. For being the reason that kids don’t step out of the house, the reason why marriages fall apart, why mental illness like anxiety and depression are so rampant. Some will go even as far as to say that cell phones are the reason that kids these days have not inherited the smarts of their ancestors, the reason why grades are dropping, the reason why people are turning to all that is vulgar and shameful.  Basically, if your parents see someone in pain, accidentally using their mobile phone, they will be sure to blame the ‘radiation’ and the ‘harmful light rays’ on the person’s condition, even if it is a congenital defect. No, sir, it must be what I say it is and here is the evidence I use to support this statement without realizing that my statement has zero grounds in reality.

The truth of the matter is this – times change – nothing remains the same with every passing second. The truth is that it’s not phones or the internet that has made you lonely, it’s the fact that every once in a while there occurs a paradigm shift in society, rather like the shifting of tectonic plates that cause earthquakes, which bring about changes of a similar nature. So while people loved to sit around and chat and eat with their loved ones in the olden times, people now express this care and affection in other, creative ways. Through sharing memes, pictures, updating their families far away, calling over huge distances and learning from people all over the world, making the entire global community come closer together.

So while you harp on and on about how technology has caused everyone to drift apart, it’s not technology. It’s time. And while it may have made you think that people are wallowing in loneliness, people have always been wallowing, dear readers, this is just the age that people are comfortable expressing their loneliness. All these issues that you think have emerged due to the birth of gadgetry are simply issues that have remained suppressed till this moment and are now being expressed simply because people have proper avenues.

Therefore, it’s time you stop blaming one totally unrelated thing to another, take a step back and evaluate your entire argument.

Does it really make any sense?

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