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You Need To Look Good For YOU, Not For Anyone Else

I’ve heard people say that women wear makeup in order to impress men. First of all, a lot of men don’t know much about the different makeup techniques out there, unless they are a makeup artist. Second of all, most women put on their makeup in a way they are personally satisfied with. It’s important to look good based on your own standards and no one else’s.

Self-confidence is built on feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you like to wear makeup go for it, if you don’t like it, you don’t need to wear it! Just because society says that makeup makes a woman more beautiful, doesn’t mean that every single woman needs to wear makeup. Who cares what anyone else thinks as long as you think you look great? You need to be able to look in the mirror and smile at yourself. You should be happy every time you see your reflection, not because you are self-absorbed, but because you’re confident in your skin.

Even when it comes to fashion, you don’t need to adhere to everything that society says, nor are you obliged to listen to your friends and family all the time. You go ahead and carry your own individual style because if that’s what you like. You need to put your comfort first, never dress to please others; you simply aren’t being yourself in that case. It’s crucial to stay true to who you are, and part of who you are is the way you dress. Wear the clothing that you are in love with, because no one is allowed to tell you not to. You do you!

The media reflects that you have to have a certain body type to be beautiful. Again, you need to be satisfied with the way your own body looks, and not focus on anyone else.

As long as you’re healthy, it’s okay if you don’t have the stereotypically “perfect” body.

You need to be happy with the way you are. If you spend too much time trying to become skinny just to impress everyone else, you are wasting your time. You will never be happy if you are constantly trying to improve your look in order to seek acceptance from others. If you want to lose weight or get fit, do it on your own terms, and no one else’s.

Social media also plays a big part in trying to be happy with your physical appearance. The more validation you get via platforms of social media, the more integrated you feel whereas the truth isn’t even in the half of it. People always find ways to criticize you and there will always be people who appreciate and support you. It’s how the system works, I would find it completely strange if I spent an entire day without getting bashed on something. The entire human race is mostly bored out of their minds, which leads to them finding solace in their Instagram accounts, which leads to their urgent need to pass a remark, only to be reminded that they can’t keep that comment to themselves and will, indubitably, leave it out for the entire populace to read (and get influenced by).

Verdict: never beat yourself up for the remarks you get from others

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