Zainab Abbas Becomes the First Pakistani Woman Presenter at the Cricket World Cup

Zainab Abbas, if you’re a cricket fan then you definitely must have heard of her. A young, zestful woman who stole hearts of many Pakistani cricket fans in Pakistan Super League.

Zainab Abbas’ career started as an accident. A former business graduate of Warwick University landed her first sports job where she auditioned for a world cup panel show. With no experience at hand but a burning passion for cricket has taken her to such great heights!

Your favorite cricket crush will now be embracing our screens in the World Cup season as well.

Being one of the few female journos in the sports industry, Zainab Abbas has caught everyone’s attention due to her energy and charisma. And with all that, she is the first Pakistani woman to become the presenter at the Cricket World Cup. The news came three days ago when Zainab took to Twitter to announce this great news and to mark another milestone of her career.

Super excited to be your presenter for a special digital show during the WC, bringing to you the biggest celebration in sport!

All of us are very much excited as women in sports are mostly looked down upon. People don’t take a woman seriously and neither is their judgment accounted for. A similar incident was faced by Zainab as well when she was starting out. Though she has refused to name the person, a certain cricketer refused to be on the same studio as her for a show because she is a woman.

Zainab has defied stereotypes and paved the way for other women who share the same passion for sports as her. She has emerged as one of the best female journalists in Pakistan. Recently, she was even awarded the ‘Best Female Sports Journalist’ in Pakistan Sports Award held in the Governor House, Karachi.

Zainab has had her family’s support through and through. She comes from a big family and being the only girl, she has grown up watching cricket matches with her uncles and cousins. She even says that her family has always had her back.

If we were to look at the majority then it seems that Pakistan isn’t the only place that lacks opportunities when it comes to female sports journalists. This stereotype seems to be prevalent in Western countries as well.

For this year’s World Cup, Zainab will be joined by two other female presenters. One is an Australian commentator and former cricketer, Melanie Jones and two, an Indo-British presenter Isha Guha. Before this Mandira Bedi hosted the ICC World Cup twice, in 2003 and 2007.

While we struggle to get women the same recognition as men get, Zainab has truly emerged as a ray of hope. Zainab’s story is something to take courage from and if next time some sexist uncle or cousin shuns you from expressing your love for sports, you know what to do!

More power to empowering women!

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